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Alþjóðleg sýning 8.Oktober 2022 - Greyhound

Dómari: Christine Rossie (Swiss) Besti hundur tegundar (BOB) Estet Classic Playfellow "Player" CAC, CASIB, CK, EX - BEST IN GROUP 3 " 5 years. Exc. cond. size and porp. Very well ang. good tail. Exc. neck head and ears. Exc. coat, moves straight and free, very well presented. " Besti hundur tegundar af gagnstæðu kyni (BOS) Greyfort Ingenok "Nína" CAC, CACIB, CK, EX "2,5 years. Good size and porp. Good back and tail. very well ang. A lot of muscles. Female head. With good ears. Exc. pigment. Good skin. Exc. mover.,"

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