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Norðurlanda sýning 9.Oktober 2022 - Greyhound & Whippet

Dómari: Liliane De Ridder-Onghena (Belgía) WHIPPET: Antonio Russian Fata Morgana "Tony" Very Good & 3.sæti í sínum flokk. "11 months old. Scissor bite. Rather big dog, good scull and earset, a soft and dark eye, could have a bit more shoulder angulation, good cat feet, a nice depth of brisket, good topline, nice rear angulation. Has a good coat condition. Rear movement has to improve" Multi Ch.Orchidée Russian Fata Morgana "Fata"

Exillent & 3.sæti í sínum flokk. "Almost 4 years. Scissor bite. This bitch has reached her size, which is nicely proportioned. Good scull and ear set, correct stop and noseline, nice underjaw, could have a bit more shoulder angulation, strong body, nice topline, good tailset, strong tail, nice rear angulation with low set hocks. Pity she does not have a better front movement" GREYHOUND: Besti hundur tegundar (BOB) Estet Classic Playfellow "Player" CAC, NCAC, CK, EX - BEST IN GROUP 3 " 5 years old. scissor bite. strong male. with good type, could be a slightly drier condition, good scull, small ears, powerful jaws, strong neck. good length shoulder, looks a bit short on the front legs, a reach depthness of brisket. nice rear angulation. moves well " Greyfot Ingenok "Nína" (Sufficient)

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