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Norðurlandasýning 20-21.Ágúst 2022 - Greyhound

Dómari: Anette Bystrup Besti hundur tegundar (BOB) Estet Classic Playfellow "Player" CAC, NCAC, CK, EX " Strong and masc. beautiful proportions. strong body. well ang. nice deep chest. flanks well cut up. exc head w long flat scull. powerfull jaws w corr scissor bie, well place rose ears, well placed oval eyes. exc front neck and topline. fine short coat. moves low reaching, free w lots of drive and reach in forequarters, nice temperament " Besti hundur tegundar af gagnstæðu kyni (BOS) Greyfort Ingenok "Nína" CAC, NCAC, CK, EX "feminine, well muscled and well ang. acc deep chest. well bal head, w a nice flat scull, corr slight stop, well carr. rose ears. nice oval eyes. front could be more built out. exc front neck and topline, strong feet, flanks well cut up powerful movements w a long step well carried tail,"

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